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East Belfast Accident Girl Fighting For Life


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East Belfast Accident Girl Fighting For Life
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East Belfast Accident: Girl Fighting For Life

A 15 year old schoolgirl is presently fighting for life in the Royal Victoria Hospital following an accident at about 8.40am yesterday on the Upper Newtownards Road in East Belfast. The girl's condition is critical and many have called for prayers on behalf of the child.

The scene of the accident was cordoned off for most of Tuesday morning whilst the police attended the scene and it has now been suggested that the injured school girl was attempting to navigate the busy Upper Newtownards Road during rush hour, amid road works without the aid of a pelican crossing which it is claimed was not working at the time.

According to Transport Northern Ireland has confirmed that it is investigating the claims and quotes Alliance MLA Judith Cochrane who arrived at the scene shortly after the accident as saying "The traffic lights were not operational, but there was a patrol man nearby. People were really shocked, there were a lot of other children in the area at the time."

Following the accident a man in his 30s was arrested, questioned and released on police bail pending inquiries.


This young girl needs our prayers, please pray!

Everyone travelling the Upper Newtownards Road can see the traffic chaos brought about by the fact that the Northern Ireland Assembly want to introduce a rapid transit policy consisting for bendy buses. As such, the new route has to be made ready, utilities moved and the Upper Newtownards Road at Ballyhackamore widened by approximately 1 foot!

Chaos has ensured with cars parking where they like even across crossings, pedestrians left with closed crossing points due to the works, drivers left swerving bumps all over the road for fear of damaging their vehicles and no additional provision put in place to safe guard the public from dangers.

The works are made worse because it would appear to be the same small crew of about 5 or 6 doing the entire road which means it seems to be taking forever to finish and with the full implementation of the Transit Plan not due until 2017, we can expect many more dangers ahead.

The indicated that Alliance MLA Judith Cochrane said 'she has been approached by parents recently voicing concern over the long-running roadworks and a number of near misses where motorists went through red lights'.

Given the dangers express by Mrs Cochrane combined with the lack of road marking, the number of distractions, cones and continuing roadworks is the Northern Ireland Executive to wait until there is another accident before acting!

Today two families sit in turmoil, the young girl who lies critical fighting for life and her family and the young man who was arrested. Whilst Inspector Barry Black appeals for witnesses to the accident, would it be wrong of us to appeal for prayers on their behalf?