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Belfast News Tesco To Close 2 East Belfast Stores


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Belfast News Tesco To Close 2 East Belfast Stores
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Belfast News: Tesco To Close 2 East Belfast Stores

It appears to be musical chairs in Belfast as Tesco open one big store on the Castlereagh Road and now want to close two stores in East Belfast one in the Connswater Shopping Centre and the other on the Cregagh Road.

In many respects the announcements were expected and plans are no doubt underway to replace them, with locals rumouring Dunne Stores as a possible for Connswater, whilst some hope that Asda will move in.

The move by Tesco has angered some who believed that the larger store on the Castereagh Road would not impact other shops and those employed at them, however as it stands the move puts over a 150 jobs at risk.

92 people are thought to be employed at Tesco in the Connswater Water Shopping Centre whilst the smaller Tesco store on the Cregagh Road is thought to employ 59. Both stores will close on 4 April 2015.

Tesco CEO Dave Lewis recognised that the closures will affect colleagues, customers and communities but his plans include closures of 43 closures nationwide including another in Northern Ireland at Ballymena.

So, does every little help!