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East Belfast News Kingsdale Park New Road


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East Belfast News Kingsdale Park New Road
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East Belfast News Kingsdale Park New Road

Most users will know that the residents of Kingsdale Park in East Belfast have faced an uphill struggle to have the pavement which was in a bad state of repair, repaired. The DRD had repeatedly left residents stressed and worried by the fact that it had co-opted its road but not the pavement.

Eventually after years of worry and political intervention most residents were informed that it was the Alliance that brought about the change, then they were told that it was the DUP that had brought about the change and then they were told that it was the Ulster Unionists that brought about the change of heart by the DRD. Just like an episode of 'Yes Minister' most political parties in East Belfast claimed the praise but accepted none of the blame - !

The decision taken to adopt the pavement was widely acclaimed with only one house holder objecting and plans were put in place to relay the road and the pavement at the cost of £100,514.87, £55,885.82 for the road and £44,629.05 for the footway.

Despite this huge expense just weeks after the work was completed cable and gas companies tore parts of it up again, ruining the entire look of the work. Given the cost you would have thought that the DRD would have ensured that all major work would have taken place before they spent £100k of public money, but this was too obvious!

The work in Kingsdale Park was needed because of works carried out by companies such as utility companies and telecoms companies yet the Department of Regional Development DRD cannot find a single consent given to any such companies in their search dating back to 1999.

Perhaps the residents of this East Belfast street didn't need to have their pavement adopted, perhaps they should have considered prosecuting those who have caused the damage in the first place, but given the stress and the disrepair of the pavement and road one would imagine they are just relieved to have a new road and pavement, even if it now looks like a patchwork quilt.